Fall Home Cleaning Tips

Fall Home Cleaning Tips

Summer is a crazy season of coming and going, with different activities and visitors, tons of sunlight, and plenty of energy to make the most of every day. In all that fun, housecleaning chores may be neglected, and fall can be a great time for a deep, 彻底清洁,恢复你的家,为即将到来的冬天做好准备.

Why Deep Cleaning Makes Sense in Fall

Summer is always chaotic, but as vacations end, school schedules resume, 秋天,生活又回到了熟悉而稳定的日常生活中, it’s easier to plan deep cleaning chores. 此外,由于气温正在下降,在室外进行秋季家庭清洁工作更凉爽. 研究甚至表明,在家办公的人在干净的环境下工作效率更高, uncluttered spaces, and the same goes for students and homework. 一旦白天变短,天气恶化进入冬天, you’ll be glad you’ve taken the time to do a thorough fall cleaning, 因为你可以更舒适和安心,没有未完成的清洁任务在待办事项清单上.

Tips for Fall Home Cleaning

在计划秋季大扫除时,考虑一下需要完成哪些任务以及每个任务可能需要多长时间. You may prefer to dedicate one solid weekend to all the cleaning, or break up different chores on different weekends. Adjust the cleaning schedule for your needs, 考虑到天气的变化,以及其他会影响你一次能完成多少清洁工作的事情. 让整个家庭都参与进来,这样每个人都会觉得自己是清洁过程的一部分, 帮助所有的家庭成员都对家庭的美观和保持清洁感到投入.

Top 25 Fall Home Cleaning Chores

开始你的秋季家庭清洁,所有典型的任务-吸尘, 除尘, scrubbing the bathrooms, 等. 但要真正彻底清洁你的家,为秋冬做好准备, add these chores to the housecleaning to-do:

  • Clean Windows 把每扇窗户里里外外都洗干净,充分利用有限的秋冬阳光. If the windows have screens, be sure they are in good repair and dusted, or remove them completely until spring.
  • Clear Rain Gutters 疏通和清理排水沟和落水管,确保水能从屋顶和房屋的基础上正常流出. 这将最大限度地减少冬季冰坝可能导致泄漏和损坏的风险.
  • Drain and Store Hoses 断开并彻底排干花园水管,这样它们就不会在冬天结冰. 在室外的龙头上盖上盖子,以尽量减少管道结冰的风险, and winterize any irrigation system at the same time.
  • Put Away Summer Yard Items Clean and put away summer outdoor items, such as patio furniture, 玩具, or garden décor that won’t be used when winter sets in. This will keep these items from getting damaged by snow and ice.
  • Dust or Vacuum Window Treatments Whether you have drapes, 百叶窗, 阴影, 或百叶窗, they will gather dust, 指纹, and other debris. 好好清洁,或者考虑清洗和熨烫窗帘或窗帘,如果必要的话.
  • Clean Inside, Under, and Behind Appliances Thoroughly clean inside and around all appliances, 包括洗衣机、烘干机、炉子和冰箱. This will not only keep the appliances looking their best, but will eliminate odors and improve operating efficiency.
  • Scrub Trash Cans Every trash can catches the occasional crumbs, drips, or dribbles. 与其只是换袋子,不如把垃圾桶刷洗掉,去除任何粘稠的残留物. This will also lessen odors, particularly for outdoor trash cans.
  • Wash Decorative Bedding While sheets and pillowcases are washed throughout the year, fall housecleaning is an opportunity to wash throw blankets, 安慰的人, 枕头, 沙姆斯, 和其他装饰性的床上用品,以清除灰尘,保持新鲜.
  • Vacuum and Flip Mattresses While the bedding is off the bed, 现在是吸尘床垫顶部的好时机,使用缝隙工具进入每个角落和缝隙. 同时,翻转和旋转床垫(如果可能的话),这样它们会均匀磨损.
  • Move and Clean Behind and Under Furniture 灰尘、面包屑、零钱和许多其他杂物很快就会堆积在家具下面. Move all furniture away from the walls and clean underneath it. 如果可能的话,将家具倾斜,这样它的底盘也可以被除尘.
  • Dust and Prune Houseplants 通过轻轻地掸掉室内植物的叶子,让室内绿色植物看起来最好. 修剪任何枯萎的叶子,或者考虑重新盆栽,如果他们已经成为根束缚. Don’t forget to dust artificial plants as well.
  • Polish Wood Furniture 用适当的饰面打磨木制家具,去除轻微的划痕, 水印, 指纹, and other smudges. 如果家具有严重的划痕或划痕,可以考虑打磨和抛光.
  • Dust Doorways and Doorframes Dust can accumulate even on small surfaces, including doorframes. Carefully dust the tops of doors and doorframes, 检查每扇门是如何关闭的,以防需要调整铰链或把手. Oil hinges to prevent squeaking.
  • Dust Ceiling Fans 每个吊扇的叶片都要除尘,但要注意不要因压力过大而使风扇失去平衡. After each fan is cleaned, 改变旋转方向,这样它将推动温暖的空气更有效的冬季气流和加热.
  • Dust or Wash Light Fixtures 彻底清扫灯具,包括灯泡(在关灯时要小心)!) to maximize lighting. 如果需要的话,在冬天更换更亮的灯泡,或者选择更节能的灯泡.
  • Clean Baseboards Run a rag along all baseboards to remove dust and dirt, and use a damp rag if necessary to remove sticky stains. 在扫帚头上绑一块抹布可以让家务变得更容易,而不用弯腰.
  • Clean and Dust Walls Use a dry mop or long-handled duster to clean off walls, particularly in corners where cobwebs might normally go unnoticed. 如果有必要,考虑用补漆覆盖小的划痕、划痕或洞.
  • Change Air Filters With so much 除尘 going on, 秋天绝对是更换炉子或空调空气过滤器的时候. This will not only help keep the home’s air fresher, but will also improve appliance efficiency for better savings.
  • Check and Improve Weather Stripping 检查每扇窗户和外门周围是否有漏风或穿堂风, and install extra weather stripping as needed. 如果现有的防风雨条已经磨损,更换它,以保持寒冷和温暖.
  • Spot Clean Carpets and Rugs 使用去污剂和刷子清洁地毯和地毯上需要清洁的地方. In high traffic areas or if the carpets are exceptionally dirty, 考虑租一个地毯洗发水或聘请专业的地毯清洁人员.
  • Change Smoke Detector Batteries Change all smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries, and check each alarm to be sure it isn’t dusty or damaged. 测试报警器以确保其正常工作,或者考虑安装更新、升级的设计以提高安全性.
  • Clean the Fireplace If you have a fireplace, 秋天是彻底清洁头发的最佳时机, including the front screen and sweeping the chimney. 是否检查过它的安全性,并确保你手头有合适的工具,以适应舒适的秋冬火灾.
  • Clean the Pantry 清理食品储藏室和厨房橱柜,清除任何碎屑和积聚的灰尘. At the same time, 检查食物的过期日期,把旧的食物放在前面,这样可以更快地使用. Take note of what needs to be stocked up for winter.
  • Declutter Closets 清理衣橱,捐赠、出售或扔掉不再合身或不再穿的衣服. If you change your wardrobe seasonally, now is the time to get out those sweatshirts, 毛衣, 手套, and boots that haven’t been seen for months.
  • Clean Out the Car 当你在做秋季大扫除的时候,别忘了打扫你的车. Toss out trash, vacuum thoroughly, wash off the dashboard, 考虑添加新的地垫,可以承受秋冬的湿气.

There can be a lot to do with a thorough fall home cleaning, but by taking it one chore at a time and working through each room, you can easily brighten and refresh your home as the season changes. 这将帮助你的家看起来和感觉最好,当你花更多的时间在室内, 这样,你就可以用一个干净舒适的家来迎接假期了.